Upcoming Farmer Sewing Workshop

Young Farmer Network is collaborating with Lu & Chris Yoder to host a Farmer Sewing Workshop! Should be a fun way to fine tune your sewing skills or learn a new set of stitches to reinforce your workwear.

Here is the registration link

Farmers Sewing Workshop, March 30th at 10am, in Westport MA. Address will be sent once registration is completed.

Farmers can bring clothes, banners, ez-up tents, tarps, boots, gloves, or other sewing projects to mend. There is a fleet of industrial sewing machines to help us with the mending tasks! In the past Lu & Chris have also done sock darning, and CNC embroidery patch making. So, bring smaller projects to work on throughout the day to keep your hands busy! There will be skilled sewists here to help.

If you (or someone you know) would like to utilize our childcare for the event please let us know in the registration form! We are happy to provide these services for the event at no cost

There will be a potluck after if you’d like to join in (huzzahh!!🌱💚)

CARPOOLING ENCOURAGED: Here is a link to check to see if anyone in your area is driving or needs a ride


***Young Farmer Night Schedule will be out next month, so keep your eyes out


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