Urban Growers Leadership Program

The Northern RI Conservation District (NIRCD) is pleased to announce the application window has opened for the 2022 Urban Growers Leadership Program (UGLP), a bilingual urban farmer outreach and education program. This year, the program is being offered in English and Hmong. The UGLP consists of a workshop series, a day of farm tours, a skill-share program, and a project funding opportunity for each participant. The program is designed around the urban grower participants and their community learning interests and needs. Scheduling is based on the majority of participant availability. Come and expand your urban network, advancing your farm or community garden growing skills and knowledge, and share what you learn with your community through the Urban Growers Leadership Program.

Applications are due: Friday, February 4, 2022

Send Filled Out Application

By Email to: [email protected]

or complete online at: https://www.nricd.org/

For questions or if you would like to receive verbal assistance filling out this application please contact Gennifer Keller, NRICD’s Urban Agriculture Program Coordinator: 401-934-0840 ext. 1