URI Agriculture Extension Always Ready to Help!

Heather Faubert and Andy Radin are ready to assist you with your crop production issues, including pest management, soil fertility, production methods, and more. We make recommendations for organic or non-organic.
Heather: 401-256-7438 Pest ID and management, Tree Fruits, Small Fruits, Nursery
Andy: 401-256-7393 Pest ID and management, Vegetable Crops, Soils


Excellent! Can you please schedule a visit to the Barrington Farm School to check in on the crop management, greenhouse construction and so much more? Also, if you know of any kind and older farmers who might be willing to stop by each month for a bit to offer guidance to the volunteers that would be great! [email protected]

would you guys work with hop plants too? we are a 2000 plant hopfarm in our third year and could always use help/info

Hi Robert- though neither of us specialize in hops per se, we are both trained and experienced and are connected to extensive networks of other people who work in our field. So please get in touch with any specific questions or issues. Send pictures by email if you see something that looks amiss. One of us can also come out for a visit if you are in RI and there is a problem that requires an in-person visit.

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