Vegetable and Livestock Equipment for sale


We are selling the following items, please email Chuck at for more info and photos.

Vegetable Equipment:

Vacuum Seeder - $500/bo Like new condition with plates for winstrip 72s and 128s. Bought from Johnny’s in 2017 for $750.

Johnny’s Six Row Push Seeders - $300-$400/bo used, one good condition one ok condition

Jang JP-6 Seeder Frame - $500 good condition, frame only

Onion Drying Racks - $40 / each 4’x4’x12" tall holds about 100-120# of onions, chicken wire bottoms. Stackable with tabs to keep stacks straight. good condition

Wax Produce Boxes (300 available) - 1 1/9 $1.50 / each, unused


Hoop Broiler Chicken Pens (movable, 5 for sale) - $100 / each. 8’x8’x5’ wood and PVC frame with super heavy duty white poly roof. Lightweight, pulls easily by hand by withstands heavy winds.

Salatin-Style Broiler Chicken Pen (movable, 1 for sale) - $50 8’x8’x2.5’ wood, chicken wire, and metal roof panel construction

HenGear Nest Boxes (used, good condition) - $150 / each, 3 available

Chick Display Brooder - 6’x10’ super heavy duty construction with new metal roof and barn board siding. On posts a couple feet off the ground with hardware cloth doors for agritourism purposes. $1,500 (great condition, used 2 seasons)

Small Livestock Trailer - $500 -12’x6’ livestock trailer with ramp door and side door. Ok condition, could be road worthy with some tinkering, have RI registration but no title.

Cow Headlocks (5 available) - $400 each - Zimmerman locking cattle head locks, 8 foot sections hold 5 cows each. Good condition, no rust, cost $600 new.