Would like to have about 30 6x6 fenceposts installed...


… I have an existing paddock system with 10 year old 4x4 cedar posts that need to be replaced. I have the new posts - pressure treated 8’ 6x6s this time. About 1/3 need to be in cement. The total is about 30 new posts including corners and diagonal braces - the fence will be under tension when finished. It isn’t now because there are loose or broken off posts.

I have a tractor with a backhoe but no auger.

The (friendly and gentle) two horses would remain IN the paddock during work and the fence needs to stay up. I’ve been replacing one at a time and reinstalling the RAMM fencing (3 brackets) on the new post before moving on. If work is done when I’m home, I can temporarily move them between the two paddocks to allow some horse-free time, but if the fence is totally allowed to droop, they’ll get loose.

I’m in Scituate, RI. No great rush on getting this done - before winter 2020.