Young Bantam Rooster Needs A Home

We allowed our only little hen to hatch out a clutch about 4 weeks ago. One chick is definitely a Roo. We already have 2 mature roosters and as mentioned only one hen. Hopefully the other 3 chicks that hatched are hens. Bantams chicks are nearly impossible to sex out and you just have to wait for them to develop enough to find out what you have.

We have to get rid of this 3rd rooster and would very much prefer to rehome him opposed to have someone eat him.

Our little mama went broody again and her new clutch is due to hatch in about a week or so. So we really need to get rid of this roo and hope for all hens. (not likely, but just putting it out there!).

Please call or text Katherine #401-644-7253