Young Farmer Night - June 28th - Sharing the Harvest

Hey Hey!

We have our next Young Farmer Night coming up at the end of June. The folks at SEMAP are gonna be helping us out with this one, so we are able to offer childcare & interpreter services, which is stellar!

On Friday, June 28th at 6:00pm, we’ll be taking a tour of Sharing the Harvest, chatting about trialing new growing practices and their relationship with food banks in the area. After the tour we’ll be sharing food and playing some volleyball/yardgames. Maybe even head to the beach if folks are looking to get to the water. ***instrumemnts always welcome :slight_smile:

Here is the Registration Link and info if you want to spread the word! ***This form is in English/Spanish. If you have any questions about the interpreter services, please feel free to reach out.

Happy start to the CSA Season !

~Annie YFN

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