Your Farmers Market Business

Take over my Farmers Market obligations and make all the money !! We are the sole meat vendor at an established market in an educated & financially capable college community selling our own local grass-fed beef and free-ranged heritage pork. We have developed a loyal clientele over the past 12 years there. I’ll give you a freezer to keep product at your location. I’lll give you a tent and folding table. I’ll sell you our stamped USDA product with all the insurance coverage at steep discount and train you to do this on your own and make 25% markup… We can discuss market fees and other details. Will spend 5 weeks with you making introductions and showing you how to best understand and respond to customer needs / desires / comments so the transition is seamless. You’ll make commission on larger bulk orders that you originate. Will resupply you midweek to avoid logistical challenges. Expect to make $200-$300 per week (sales typically $800-$1000) Contact [email protected]

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I’m new to farming in a sense and been raising my own chickens pigs and cows to eventually sell at market but lack the experience. I live in Chepachet RI
I’d like to meet with you to find out more!
Please feel free to contact me anytime .

Sure. Call me at 401 230 4027

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One fellow was interested and spent a Saturday with us but distance from URI is a challenge and he is unable to make the commitment… Who wants to earn 25% on Farmers Market sales with none of the risk and established loyal customer base ??? [email protected]